We Arrived In Montana (email to friends)

We got here on Wednesday afternoon (May 20) after 4 fun days on the road with overnights in Pennsylvania, Illinois on the Mississippi, Iowa on the Missouri, and eastern Montana. The horses are fine; Bandit walked up to me the moment he saw me and Kalif tried to get to me, but the others wouldn’t let him. He is still on the bottom of the hierarchy.

We had our first diner with our friends and neighbors in Woodworth Meadow. Not much has changed. The big news is that a pair of mountain lions has developed a taste for livestock, and they have been stealing chickens and a couple of cats in the Meadow. Needless to say, everyone is ticked off about it. We have permission to shoot them from the game warden. Rob set his hounds on them, but then the coyotes went after the hounds, so he had to call them back. Now everyone has a loaded rifle sitting ready waiting for a shot. Different than life in Manhattan!

Liz (aka “Agent B.”) had asked for a “challenge meat” this summer; it may well turn out to be mountain lion.

We brought the horses home yesterday. They were very happy to be home again and get their first taste of fresh grass this year. We went on our first ride into the Game Range; it was Heaven !!

It rained today, much to everyone’s delight. Yesterday we had thunderstorms and the electricity went out, not unusual. We just fed the horses; now I have to go and clean the tumbleweeds out of the creek.


Kalif in the Rain

Strider in the Rain

Our House in the Rain



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