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Too much garbage was dumped here by spammers, so I had to close the Guestbook down until I can devise some security procedure.

Name:    Pamela Campbell
Date:    Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Time:    10:32:53 AM


Love the website.  I am particularly interested in getting in touch with Paul Yenny who 
taught a friend of mine to "start" young horses.  She effectively saved the life of my 
filly using Paul's methods when other people had all but ruined her.  
I don't suppose you have a contact email for him do you ?  
If so, I would be extremely grateful to receive same, particularly as I wish to visit Montana 
later this year.

Kind regards

Pam Campbell 

Name:    Ray Woodside
Date:    Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Time:    01:11:22 PM


I just ran across the web site and Keller is here so we had a good time looking at all the new stuff that you have put on it. Good job!!! Keller says hi! Maybe you should make me a web site. I have one but it isn't very good. I don't know shit about it, but it looks like you do. Have a Great New Year!!!

Name:    sue ford
Date:    Sunday, October 10, 2004
Time:    03:55:34 PM


was cruising the internet and came across your site. I do was there at the start 
of GSID - remember Jane Terpening and Joel Brind- well I couldn't resist saying 
hello - stay happy.

Sue Ford
Secretary, GSID   (...even a judical delegate when Bella, Carter Burden were 
pursuing Koch's seat - 
heady times!)

Name:    Maximilian Jules Barrett-Pointer
Date:    Sunday, October 03, 2004
Time:    02:40:57 PM


Hello Klaus and Beate! Just thought I should sign your guestbook since you have one. :)

Name:    Belinda Riches
Date:    Monday, July 26, 2004
Time:    07:07:19 PM


Hi I typed my married name Belinda Riches into google and your name pop up. 
Quite bizarre having same name.  I use my family an maiden name online. 
The Riches family here are Australian orginally grandfather emigrated from England.
I have Clyde husband, Jennifer, Thomas, Dean and Paul children 
warm regards Belinda Riches

Date:    Thursday, March 11, 2004
Time:    01:20:37 PM


Just received an email from Eric.  Thank you SO much for putting us in touch.  
I truly appreciate it. (especially the ribbing you gave him!)

Cherie Leonard

Name:    Michael McGowan
Date:    Friday, February 27, 2004
Time:    05:24:18 PM



A thousand thanks for dinner and the show in New York; this was one of the highlights 
of the trip.

This is a wonderful site; thank you for sharing your life through it.

I look forward to the years to come-professionally and personally. 

Your Friend,

Mike McGowan

Name:    Cherie Leonard
Date:    Monday, October 20, 2003
Time:    07:26:58 PM


I moderate a military forum and today someone posted a thread asking everyone
to post their most influencial teacher.  I sat lost in memory, thinking back 
to the many wonderful teachers I have had over the years; but there was 
never any doubt in my mind who to write about.

It was the strong melancholy of those memories that led me to a quick 
search on Google and your website.  Imagine my shock when I saw a fairly new 
picture of the man I had just been thinking about.  Eric Clemmensen.

If, by some chance you are still in contact with Eric and could possibly
see it in your heart  to pass on this message...could you please tell Eric 
that Cherie Leonard still thinks of him?  I would love to hear from him if 
possible.  He looks wonderful in the picture you have
up of him.


Cherie Leonard

Name:    Bill Moore
Date:    Monday, September 22, 2003
Time:    08:54:03 PM


From Alaska

Saying hi to Rick and Meredith Potts ...

Thanks !

Name:    Pete & Ronnie Cole  
Date:    Tuesday, September 02, 2003
Time:    08:57:45 PM


Nice web page! Brought back a lot of fun memories. 
We went on a trail ride with you in 1998- camping in the Bob!  
We are from Texas! How are you doing? What is up since Sept. 11? 
I hear Wayne and Rena have moved to wherever? No one seems to know 
when we ask. Do you know? Regards

Name:    Allen & Jennifer Senter
Date:    Saturday, July 12, 2003
Time:    09:04:08 PM


enjoyed meeting you at the Rich ranch!

Name:    paul colin
Date:    Wednesday, March 05, 2003
Time:    09:51:21 AM


Wow man!

Way cool stuff...

Deep site!

love P

Name:    Carl Rich (Bill)
Date:    Monday, January 13, 2003
Time:    10:54:20 PM


While surfing the Web I came across your web page,Being a Rich myself 
I was suprized to find you.
I spent 4 years in Great Falls Montana 1952 - 1956, its truely 
Gods Country

Name:    Gary Berkey
Date:    Thursday, July 25, 2002
Time:    11:38:42 PM


Do not EVER tell these people you can build horse fencing.

Name:    Nikki Harnisch
Address: n/a
Date:    Thursday, July 11, 2002
Time:    12:02:19 PM


I work at Rainbow enterprises (secretary,) and I just to let you guys know I 
love the pictures of Montana.  I have lived here all my life and have 
taken pictures of this place as long as I can remember. You make Montana 
look great, as is really is.  Thank you for showing everyone what a 
beautiful home we have, let's just hope that not to many people decide to 
move here after they have seen this.  We don't want to end up like NY or AZ,
 where I located to for only 6 months. Then I came back to Seeley. 

Name:    Naveen Kumar Singhal
Date:    Thursday, May 09, 2002
Time:    12:02:12 AM


Your site is on of the best site which gives you more knowledge about world.

Name:    Karen Yenny Bellows
Date:    Wednesday, April 10, 2002
Time:    07:14:50 PM


Very nice site although I have yet to see all of it. :)  I wandered in 
through the horse connection (I have had horses since I was very young) and
discovered your page regarding Paul Yenny.  Yenny is an unusual last name.
There are so few of us I wonder where the connection is!  Small world....

Name:    David C. Brown
Date:    Friday, April 05, 2002
Time:    01:04:42 PM


Hi, Beate and Klaus!  I think your website is great and have enjoyed visiting
it ever since Sophie directed me to it several weeks ago.  
I must confess I've missed seeing Sophie ever since she left for New York
on Monday (04/01/02).  I'd gotten accustomed to having her sunny disposition
around our house; the world seems cloudier without her.  
We may take you up on your generous offer to visit you in New York City 
this fall.  
(I, too, am a great fan of the New York Times!)  Keep in touch.  David

Name:    Gwen Church
Date:    Thursday, April 04, 2002
Time:    02:26:20 PM


This is so interesting and wonderful.  What a great idea!

Name:    Anne 
Date:    Saturday, March 30, 2002
Time:    05:49:25 PM


Sophie is wonderful!  I liked the picture of her with the green hair. 

Name:    bill brodbeck
Date:    Tuesday, January 08, 2002
Time:    12:09:08 PM


Klaus ...

Thanks so much for saying something about your great site!  
Am honored to know about and be able to visit it. Am taken by it all. 
Am particularly impressed with the most profitable D.B. [firm name] office
in the world!



Name:    Kelly Ann Rich
Date:    Thursday, August 30, 2001
Time:    08:59:47 PM


I love your web page! it's the best. Well i hope to see you nexted year at 
the rich ranch!!!!
              your friend,  
                          Kelly rich

Name:    Ehrengard Brooks/v.Lemcke
Date:    Sunday, August 12, 2001
Time:    03:29:14 PM


I am trying to confirm the marriage of Florentine Freein v. Falkenhausen to 
August Leopold v. Stutterheim. My mother was a Stutterheim. Her mother 
a Borstell, etc.etc. It would be funny to hear that from Montana!

Name:    Matthew Trumbull
Date:    Tuesday, August 07, 2001
Time:    05:04:29 PM


This is exactly what the Internet is at its very best.  It is a place to 
introduce your self to the world, not a means of disseminating advertising.  
Great website.

Name:    Cory Cahoon
Date:    Monday, July 16, 2001
Time:    06:29:56 PM


I think it's FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ihaven't seen it     yet) 

Name:    Russell Sleeper
Date:    Tuesday, May 15, 2001
Time:    03:35:12 PM


--One year later---Klaus and Russ have still not renewed their 
association/friendship!  What will happen next?

Name:    RJ BARNES
Date:    Friday, May 04, 2001
Time:    11:14:59 PM


I am sorry that I have not been able to talk to you much. Things have been 
very hectic.  Hope to have more time soon
See you in Montana, your friend RJ
p.s. Nina says hello again!

Name:    Katrin und Helge
Date:    Thursday, May 03, 2001
Time:    06:28:51 AM


Viele Grüße aus dem heute sonnigen Hannover senden Katrin und Helge.
Uns geht es gut. Wenn alles glatt geht, sind wir im Juli zu dritt.
Wir denken häufig an New York und die schönen Tage die wir dort verlebt 
haben. Unser Urlaub fällt dies Jahr bedeutend spärlicher aus. Anstatt mit 
dem Flugzeug, können wir nur mit Zug und/oder Auto verreisen. 
Daher verbringen wir eine Woche auf der ostfriesischen Insel Juist.  
Auftanken von Energie und Kraft, voraussichtlich vorerst das letzte Mal 
Ruhe und Entspannung.
Wir wünschen Euch einen schönen Mai und hoffen das es Euch gut geht.
Streichelt die Hunde von uns - Adios Katrin + Helge

Name:    Nina


Hallo Ihr Beiden!
Hier nun Post von Nina, RJ's Freundin aus MN (oder auch Hamburg). 
Habe gestern abend die Adresse von Euch bekommen und bin schon sher 
gespannt, die Fotos von Euren Ausritten in Palm Springs zu sehen... 
bin ja naechstes Wochenende wieder in CA - 
freue mir schon ein Loch in' Bauch.
Alles Liebe von hier, meldet Euch wenn Ihr wollt! Nina

Name:    Margo


As soon as April pierces to the root
The drought of March, and bathes each bud and shoot
Through every vein of sap with gentle showers
From whose engendering liquor spring the flowers.

Name:    Bobby Bob
Date:    2/23/00

Superb Homepage! So exciting, so lovely! A need for everyone!

Name:    Alain Cayer
Date:    2/10/00


I am from québec city, province of québec in Canada. I am french canadian.
Down here,  there is so much snow that make some jealous people from 
salt lake city. If you want to see lot of snow and practice winter sport, 
come in Québec city, ''the capital of the snow'', the best time it is, end 
of february and beginning of  march.  
You will notice the frienship of our people. You will have for your money 
i guarantee you.

I wish you a great winter in Montana, and i hope to visit the west of 
USA one day. I am a civil engineer, i install the fiber optic 
infrasrtucture across Canada for Worldwide Fiber.

Have an Happy 2000 year

Bye Bye...

Alain from Québec city

Name:    dr.norbert reinhard
Date:    1/7/00


sehr geehrter herr,

gratulation zu ihrer selbstgestalteten ( ! ) und sehr ansprechenden, 
sowie informativen privaten website.

beste grüße aus der alten heimat

dr. norbert reinhard

Name:    Katja
Date:    1/2/00


Ich suche dringend etwas über Edison und die Erfindung der 
Glühbirne- für die Schule. Leider kann ich eure Seite- welche die 
einzige hoffnung ist, nicht öffnen- da ist irgendein Fehler und ich
brauche das dringend bis Mittwoch! Naja, vielleicht klappts ja noch
Tschau Katja

Date:    12/28/99



Name:    mark nowaczyk
Date:    12/15/99


beate & klaus,
    happy hoildays

Name:    Reg Brown
Date:    12/10/99


Dear Klaus,

It was a pleasure meeting you when you were last in Atlanta with 
the Investment Committee.  
Your web site is very interesting.  How long ago did you set it up?
I would like to put one together for my family.  What software did 
you use?  Is it still a good choice?


Reg Brown

Name:    Tom Rodman
Date:    12/5/99


Great job!  We're all very impressed and feel compelled to build 
our own site.  The pictures are very interesting, esp'ly the very 
good one of my two chins.

Name:    Ernst Stutterheim
Date:    12/2/99


hope to add to the stutterheim legacy

Name:    RN Sharma
Date:    12/1/99


I happened to access your page(s) this evening. I am quite 
impressed the way you have arranged them. I was also pleased to 
meet your family members. Where are you working?

Name:    mark nowaczyk
Date:    11/22/99


     trust you are well,it is wonderful to see your stocks doing 
such a great job,it takes courage and strength to stay the 
course,glad to see your hard work showing results.
if,you find the time i,would like to discuss something with you.

 also on a personal note ,please give updated news on barbara
                 your friend,
                             mark 415-933-7226
give beate,my best..happy thanksgiving..

Name:    Dan & Donna Hulsey
Date:    11/21/99


we love your web site thank's Dan &Donna

Name:    mario stutterheim
Date:    11/21/99


Name:    Linda McNally Holt
Date:    10/28/99


I came across your page by accident and have enjoyed the 
experience.  Having met you both in Seeley Lake it was fun to have 
found your page share your memories.  Have a FANTASTIC day, Linda

Name:    Bill
Date:    10/14/99


Hello to our friends in the sunny south (that's the way those of us
up here in the cold North Maine Woods view anyone south of 
L.L. Beans).  Thanks again for the loan of the LeCarre novel.
It was much enjoyed.

Every day, Klaus, I know what you're thinking.  Our thoughts drift
in the same currents:.  Young's Creek, Marshall Creek, The 
Confluence, Leota and on and on.  It's difficult to concentrate on 
our "real" world when Montana keeps popping in every 10 or 15 
minutes, right?  I'm anxious to read about how our newer 
not newest since 19 year old Chris follows you now!!) crew member 
is going to describe his high adventure spring trail clearing trip
in The Bob.  Feel free to tell all about your exploits with axe, 
cross-cut saw and Pulaski, braving the elements, the forest, the 
wildlife and green horses.  It truly was good seeing you again and 
I look forward to next year when the adventure continues!!

Your friend, Bill (an East coast wrangler)

Name:    Ruth Klein Butcher
Date:    9/19/99


Klaus...what a site! I could spend hours here.
Like you I was born a "rebel" in Canada and have had fun ever since.
I have been doing my family history for 9 yrs...those Kleins were 
very busy making babies. I have nor been to Germany but want to go 
next year, in the meantime I  live and work  in Hawaii.. again 
GREAT site

Name:    Ken Porter
Date:    9/16/99


I got your home page when trying to send pictures for Cheri and 
Steve Thompson to Belinda. I don't know if they ever figured out 
how to open a "zip" file. We have three walkin' horses that we show
here in Western WA. 

Name:    Bill Cox
Date:    19 Jul 1999


A hoot!

Name:    Tim Stutterheim
Date:    15 Jul 1999


mein deutch ist niecht so gute  it is great

Name:    Matt Kuhl
Date:    05 Jul 1999


Loved seing your site.  The pictures of the Bob brought back 
memories. I am returning to the area for a very short visit 
the 9th - 12th of july.  It has been ten years since I have 
spent time there.  I am hoping things havent  changed too much.
One thing I have been trying to find out is if ther are any 
boat rental places that would allow me to take a boat canoe / 
motor boat  to lake inez.  My My grandparents built a cabin 
on Ines about 30 years ago.  they sold it about 8 years ago.
I planed on campin there for a day or two and would love to 
be able to explore the lake one again.    
If you have any sugestion pleas e-mail me.  

Name:    Kirk and Chris Brown
Date:    22 Jun 1999


We just moved here but had we seen your web-page we would 
have moved here a lot sooner.  Hope to see you guys soon.

Name:    John de Larios
Date:    05 Jun 1999


Loved your web site.  We lived in Seeley from '75 to '84.
It was nice to see some old friends.  We were caretakers at
the Double Arrow Ranch for a winter and had the honor to
know C.B. and Helen and their kids.  Please say hello to all
of the Richs, especially love to Helen from Ulla.
I, John, worked at the mill for over 8 years starting on the
chain and ending up as a saw filer. My experiences at the
mill taught me how to work, as did cutting 8 cords of wood
a year to heat our house.

We loved Seeley and all of the inhabitants, but decided to
move back to home base here in California.

It was great to see Sheila.  She lived next door to us in
Dog Town.

We are always saddened to hear of young and old Seeley Laker
passing away.

Enjoy Seeley.  It changes all to rapidly.

Thanks for the wonderful website.

John de Larios 

Name:    Lind Voth
Date:    02 Jun 1999


Great Website.  Feel like I've known you for a long time.


Name:    aderazi,abdul razak
Date:    28 May 1999


I used to go to the U of Montana in 1991~1996
lots of things that I have missed when I left
for good. Anyway, you have a wonderful homepage....They 
used to call me 'Abdul The Big Malaysian Guy'.

Name:    John J Wasilewski
Date:    24 May 1999


This is the first time I have seen anyones personal home page
before. I think it is great & I am going to do this myself.

Name:    Wes Sutton
Date:    21 May 1999


When someone at Troutbeck told me you had your own web site I
thought they were kidding! Now I have spent the better part of
a Friday exploring it! 
What are some of your other favorite NYC restaurants (for us
non-sushi types) and would you and Beate like to join Lisa and
me for dinner next Saturday or Sunday night? I'm coming in 
early for the conference and bringing her along. 



Name:    jhm
Date:    5/18/99


this is exactly the kind of dream I have had for years....
I have always wanted to go into the wilderness on horseback
with my close friends. Then return home for a cozy back yard 
campfire with a glass of fabulous wine and a great meal!


Name:    John H. Maierhofer
Date:    5/18/99


It was very nice!!
I look forward to hearing more about Montana tonight....

Name:    Martin
Date:    12 May 1999


hi, i am martin from austria
your homepage is very nice

bye bye .....or write me a mail ?


Name:    Mark Nowaczyk
Date:    16 Apr 1999


Hi,just checking out the web, the site looks great!

Name:    Eileen (again)
Date:    05 Apr 1999


Thank you so much for the peaceful, happy Sunday you two
shared with me.  Your real life is even more beautiful than
your web life (sorry, Klaus). And it rubs off to those of
us lucky enough to be invited in.


Name:    Eileen
Date:    23 Mar 1999


Hi you two.  What a wonderful life!  Who is that butch chick
Ilene?  I sure wouldn't like to mess with her.  But I would
love to mess with all of your adorable and gorgeous animals.
Lots of love, Eileen.  That's EILEEN

Name:    Caroline
Date:    01 Mar 1999


I sure look pregnant if you ask me.  I missed the usual
suspect outings.  Maybe next year.

Name:    Janis Rubin
Date:    17 Feb 1999


I enjoyed viewing your website!  Janis

Name:    Cobus Botha
Date:    29 Jan 1999


Do You know that there is a town called Stutterheim in South
Africa?. It was named after a Baron(General)v. St.
I worked there for the last 18 months.

Name:    The Honorable Steve Benedict, former State Senator
Address: benedict @
Date:    22 Jan 1999



What's happening with you and Beate?  You don't answer
E-mail with any great urgency.  If you're like me, it's kind
of  like writing my parents.  I should do it more often,
but it is a pain in the ass.  Instead, I just call them 
every so keep from getting written out of the
Anyway, what's happening in the Big Apple?  Sometimes, I
envy you and Beate, and your access to plays, opera, 
concerts, etc.  Then, at other times...I look at the simple
but, beautiful life we lead in Montana...and say...
"Screw it... let them have the city.  The snow is falling 
softly... the mountains are horses are 
nickering at me from the's time to take my dogs
on a walk through the is GOOD!      
I miss both of you.  You have each have an intriguing and
refreshing sense of humor.  Here in the backwoods, it's hard
to find people who are quick enough to pick up on dry 
humor... and who don't get pissed enough to go out to their
truck and retrieve their firearm to defend their honor.

E-Mail me when you get a chance.  I look forward to your
visit next summer. Remember, Bandit is still in some 
jeopardy if you don't schedule an overnight down here..and I
don't really want to hurt him...if I can avoid it.

Best regards,

Steve Benedict 

Name:    Lissa Hunsicker
Date:    15 Jan 1999


Your page is the most expansive I've ever seen!  Your dog 
must spend a lot of time at the computer updating his 
web page!!  
Here is my address: 269 East 7th St. Apt 4 NY NY 10009.
I'll see you next Thursday.  You'll have to put a squash
link on your interests page!! 

Name:    Heather Richards
Date:    15 Jan 1999



Name:    Heather Richards
Date:    13 Jan 1999


I love your pictures and it's great that you share them 
with everyone!  It has taken me 3 days to get through 
your site because I should have been working cleaning 
stalls instead of playing in the office!

Name:    Bill/Cheryl Pieske
Date:    09 Jan 1999


Hi K & B:  Grateful thanks for the note about your updated 
site.  Cheryl and I thoroughly enjoyed it, fondly
remembering again (we never tire of that part) our trip with
you fine folks.
Klaus, it's clear your efforts are a labor of love and it
shows.  It's a wonderful website and the captions for the
photos couldn't caputre those moments any better (has Beate
cooled off about the loss of her monster fish yet???)
With your permission, I've saved many of the photos and
intend to use them to prod my daydreaming when I get tired
of staring at this screen to earn a living.
We, again, look forward to next summer and seeing you in
our second home, too.

Bill & Cheryl Pieske

Name:    Shu Chin Li
Date:    21 Dec 1998


I accidentally visited your website. I am a CFA level III
candidate. I enjoye your website. It is like knowing a
friend's stories and his success.
We have a very close reason to arrive New York.
However, I am not a political fan. I wish you can meet you
in person. That would be very interesting.
I also appreciate your effort to organize the CFA study
group for all candidates.
Finally, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
I hope to see you in the CFA study group and have more
interst pictures for this year's Christmas.

Best wishes,

Shu Chin Li

Name:    bill finkelstein
Date:    02 Dec 1998


friend of bills.  Exchange views.  I was trying to reach
NYSSA and came across your site.  Too wild.
Just celebrated 10 years.  i see all is well.  congrats.
By the way.
Who would have thought that you would end up at [firm name]

Name:    Bill Pieske
Date:    13 Nov 1998


Hello Klaus & Beate.  I just came by to visit again.
I've had a few photos copied to send to my summertime
co-workers at the Rich Ranch.  I hope they like them.
I certainly didn't have to deal with the volume you have.
I'll check back periodically.  I'm anxious to see your
site once you've completed updating it.  Hope all is well
and you are enjoying good health (most important)
and prosperity (somewhere down the line in importance!!).
Take care.

Name:    Jan Wergin
Date:    11 Nov 1998


good job
looks great



Name:    BJ Casey
Date:    03 Nov 1998


Hi Guys!  Long time, no see... It was so nice having you at
our wedding.  We'll have to get together soon to share
stories and pictures!  I hope all is well with you both.
Love, BJ

ps - GREAT web page!

Name:    Die Osiuesser
Address: Ja, hast Du.
Date:    24 Oct 1998


Wir - Andrea & Gerhard, Anja & Carsten mit Nachwuchs Jasmin,
Hannes & Helma - haben gerade andaechtig durch Eure Fotos
geblaettert. Schoen.
Viele liebe Gruesse von uns allen.

Name:    Carsten Osius
Date:    15 Oct 1998



Es ist ja eine Weile her, dass wir uns zuletzt gesehen
haben, aber auf Eurer Homepage kann ich wenigstens ein
Bild von Euch sehen. Gruss,

Name:    Bill & Cheryl Pieske
Address: or
Date:    17 Sep 1998


Hi folks.  We hope your respective journeys home
were enjoyable ones.  We're bookmarking your site so
we can visit more often.  We look forward to seeing
some photos from our 5-day trip earlier this month.
Hope you're adjusting to life in the "real world" better
than Bill is :-)

Best regards
B & C

Name:    Martin Stutterheim
Date:    09 Sep 1998


Hi Beate and Klaus. 
The last time I took a look at you HP 
(at a dif. site) 
it didn't look as good as this. Super!

Name:    Steve "Mean to Dogs" Benedict
Date:    07 Sep 1998


Welcome Home!  I sure enjoyed our time together in the
Bob Marshall. dogs growled at me when I got
Word travels fast in the canine kingdom.
Someone ( and I think her name starts with "B") tipped 
them off that I had a momentary lapse in judgement on
the side of a 4,000 foot cliff and let impure thoughts
about "Montana" creep into my normally sunny and
dog-loving mind. were absolutely right, the Big Cone is the
way to go.  I'm glad I was with someone with the local
knowledge to steer me through the ice cream decision
making process.

best regards,  steve              

Name:    Bob Oliver
Date:    23 Jul 1998


Klaus: Joyce and I enjoyed "meeting" the family .As to
the horses, may I suggest the name Prosperity or
Home Run rather than Bandit!.
Thanks for all you do for Joyce and me.

Name:    Bob Oliver
Date:    23 Jul 1998


Klaus: Joyce and I enjoyed "meeting" the family .As
to the horses, may I suggest the name Prosperity or
Home Run rather than Bandit!.
Thanks for all you do for Joyce and me.              

Name:    Teddy Schatz
Date:    17 Jun 1998


You wouldn't happen to know a Gary Schatz from [firm name]?
That's my father

Name:    Carl Friedrich Bolz
Address: -
Date:    18 May 1998


I love my picture, you can't even see my birthmark.

Name:    Mary McCaffrey
Address: mary.mccaffrey@btalexbrown
Date:    15 May 1998


Enjoyed the photos! Happy to be visitor #448. Thanks, Mary 

Name:    U'ilani
Date:    14 May 1998


To My Hawaiian Family In New York!

Hi you guys!  Your site is gettin' pretty
Fancy!  I love it!

fond ALOHA!    U'i