Much as she loves life in the city, Beate had been yearning to have some earth to dig in again.

Li'l House came complete with a front and backyard that needed lots of work. Finally, Beate can plant, water, pull weeds, and rake again to her heart's content.

At the end of '98 she moved  1 1/2 tons of earth and stones to create raised flower beds and planted hundreds of bulbs. In  April of '99 they sprouted !


Snow Crocus

Crocus Snow Crocus

More Snow Crocus – a purple one snuck in !

More Snow Crocus

On a rainy day, Beate keeps planting...

Beate and Flowers

Beate planted over 200 plants that weekend!

Beate Plants Beate, Sonia, and her Wheelbarrow

Home Up Woodstock Gardening Backyard