Klaus' Hernia

Wayne explained to Klaus that Klaus wasn't a real cowboy until he had a pair of White's boots. Klaus is totally defenseless against that argument, so he bought a pair. They were very hard to put on, so hard that Klaus ended up with a hernia.

The hernia actually came in very handy, during the Trip into The Bob. Klaus always had a convenient excuse when other people were putting up tents or moving fallen trees off the trail: "I'd love to help, but I have this hernia..."

Wayne continued Klaus' true-cowboy conversion. Click here.

Wayne pushes Klaus into buying boots

Wayne gets Klaus to buy boots

Klaus is now very careful to unlace them completely before he puts them on.

Those White Boots

Those fateful White boots

Klaus in the recovery room after the operation

Recovering from the hernia operation


Up Beate drives the Truck Klaus' Hernia Paul Yenny

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