The Renovation I


Two years ago we started the process of combining our apartment with the one next door. It was a bureaucratic nightmare; but finally the end is in sight!

From summer 1998 until February '99 we had all of our belongings piled up in the living room, including the refrigerator (the kitchen was being redone, we couldn't cook), and we lived in a small sliver of the bedroom. We will never renovate again! Without being able to escape to Li'l House, we would have lost our minds completely.

When it's finally done, the apartment should look terrific: Beate will have a studio, Klaus will have a study, and there will be a guestroom. You are all invited to the housewarming party; originally scheduled for around Xmas, then postponed to Valentine's Day; the new ETA is now "sometime later in '99."

Here are some pictures from the renovation.

(Note: The above was written in 1998. The renovation is now complete, and it looks great.)

All our belongings are piled up in the living room

liv-rm.jpg (27567 bytes)

Finally walls came down

Breaking Walls

We found the original pipes, dating back to 1890...

Old Pipes

More Olds Pipes


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