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Sonia died in February 2011. We lived a rich full life and was loved by everybody who knew her. She loved children, especially our god-daughter, Mary Quin. Sonia was an "old soul," you needed only to look into her eyes to see the depth, serenity and wisdom.

Below are stories about Sonia.

On February 10, 1999 Beate walked by the same pet store window where she had seen Dana almost four years ago.

Our eyes met, it was love at first sight! I spent the next two hours in agonized anticipation: when was she coming to get me?

Two hours later she came and minutes later we left the store together! We were scared to tell Klaus, but there had been no time to consult him; as Beate and I stood in line (she had me on her arm), several people were discussing buying that "cute Rottweiler puppy." We had to act quickly!

Klaus fell in love with me too, when he came home. Look at the pictures, and you'll see why – I'm irresistible!

Although I'm not housebroken yet (March '99), I already have my own Home Page! You can also look at my Pedigree here.

I'm going to be so big, that they had to get a new car, Mr. X !

Beate and me (at two months) at Li'l House

Sonia and Beate

What's this white stuff ? Sure tastes good!

Sonia's first snow

Sonia's first snow

One month later I'm bigger than Dana !

Me and my sister Dana

Sonia with Beate and Dana Sonia and Dana

Me all grown up in the dog run

Me all grown up at Little House

Me, now an old lady, age eight

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