Trailhead Hilton

Below a picture of the Trailhead Hilton, where we spent much of our vacation: space for four horses w/ small living quarters. Now we can go to trailheads that are further away from here. Like camping on a pack trip: riding all day, but coming home to a bed, stove, shower, toilet, heat!

Our first trip was to Benchmark, the other side of the Continental Divide from Seeley Lake. 1.5 mill acres of Wilderness (surrounded by another 3 mill acres of National Forest), with some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet, and no people!! We spent altogether nine days there, took the dogs and two horses (Kalif and Destry); we all loved every minute.

Trailhead Hilton parked at Benchmark
This picture of Kalif and me on one of the trails gives an idea,
but no picture can begin to do justice to the majestic views all around you.

Family portrait from the trail: Beate, Keela, and Klaus.

Home Up Antelope Dinner Trailhead Hilton