Torree used her visit in New York for a makeover. See below for details.

Torree Gets Her Hair Cut at World-Famous Astor Place

Getting a Haircut at Astor Place

Scott, who renovated our apartment, puts a (removable) tattoo on Torree

Scott Tattos Torree

Tatooed !

Torree decided to have her palm read. The soothsayer predicted that there would be "a sharp pain" in her future.

Torree interpreted that to mean that she was meant to have her eyebrow pierced. After much research she headed for New York's foremost piercing establishment.

Checking the Future

Torree peeks into her future

As she waits her turn, Torree wonders whether this was really such a great idea...

Torree post piercing

Waiting her Turn Post Piercing

Close Up

Post Piercing Close Up

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