My Friend Ed


Ed ca 1974

Ed 1974 Ed and I met in 1967 at a party on the Lower East Side, and we've been close friends ever since.

Ed has a technology business Web site.

Ed, Sylvia and Zachary at the Brandenburg Gate in 1989

Ed and Sylvia at the Brandenburg Gate

Ed trying Berlin's famous Currywurst

Sylvia likes them, too

Ed Eats Cury Wurst

Sylvia Eats Curry Wurst

Zach is not left out either

Zach Easts Curry Wurst

You should also check out more pictures of Zach, on Zach's Page.

Sylvia, Zach, and Ed at dinner '99

ed-fam1.jpg (23494 bytes)

Sylvia early '99

Sylvia in '99


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