In late 2009, when the vet told us that Strolch's time on earth was limited, Beate set out on yet another secret mission to replace another deeply loved companion. (See Kalif's Page and The Kalif Conspiracy.)

Another undercover op, another camouflaged road trip, another secret pickup, this time in Colorado. Again, I'm clueless until Miles suddenly appears as another live surprise birthday present!

He is very sweet (some say even sweeter than Strolch). Like Strolch, he starts purring the moment I pick him up.

Miles the night he arrived

Miles on Day Two, 12 weeks old


In July 2011 Miles turned one year old. He is the sweetest cat I have ever known. Unless you're a bug, fly or moth then he is like The Terminator: positively lethal and never quits.


Miles now one year old


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