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Klaus' ancestry is an old German family; the first time they were mentioned in a document was in the year 940. For having been around so long, they've accomplished relatively little, however.

Mostly they were local Junkers and landowners in various part of the country.

When I grew up in post-war Berlin, the Prussian warrior cast was not held in high esteem, and I never developed much of an interest in the family history.

Beate pointed out, though, that many of them did raise horses (see the family coat-of-arms), so maybe it was in the blood after all...

coat-arms.gif (17618 bytes)

My closest living relative is my sister, Renate. We also have some pictures of my parents.

After the wall came down, we went to a town east of Berlin, where some of our family had lived for hundreds of years before the war. The local minister had kept all the old church records. He pulled out one of the books from 1804, and showed us how frequently the family was mentioned.

He said he had been waiting for someone from the family to show up

This is one of the old church records

The Minister

book2.jpg (15300 bytes)

This is one of the pages. See if you can find the name.

A Page from the Book


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