MT Branch Office


Klaus set up an "[firm name]" branch in the 36 ft. trailer, in which he and Beate lived during the summer of 2000.

Our old, beautiful Montana home


Needless to say, his fellow members of the [Committee Name] Committee, never inclined to take prisoners, were gleeful at the opportunity to poke fun at the arrangement.

Finally, to put things in perspective, Klaus assembled a PowerPoint presentation, which he forwarded to his colleagues together with the following note:

Dear Colleagues:

In recent phone conversations and conference calls an attitude of veiled skepticism and incredulity has been noticed vs. the [firm name] Seeley Lake, MT office; the question has actually been whispered whether it really deserves to rank with New York, Baltimore, etc

Our Montana staff is very sensitive to these slights, in fact, submits that on a return-on-invested-capital basis, Seeley Lake is the most profitable office in the system!

In order to dispel this lighthearted approach towards our "howdy" and "yeehaw" colleagues, we have prepared the enclosed presentation to lay such doubts to rest once and for all.

The Presentation


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