Montana 2000


Montana in 2000 was full of major events.

Sadly, we didn't take a lot of pictures. We will try to hunt for some, though.

Here is what happened:

bulletWe spent two months in Seeley Lake. We lived in a 36ft. trailer that is parked at the Horseshoe Hills Ranch.
Klaus also used it as an office. A separate page is devoted to the "[firm name] Seeley Lake Office."
bulletWe went into The Bob for ten days, and Klaus fell in love with the Danaher Valley.
He was also struck with an incurable disease: Bobitis.
A separate page is devoted to Bobitis.
bulletForest fires devastated whole parts of the West. In August the forests were closed down. We helped the Rich Ranch make 500 sandwiches for the firefighters each day.
Beate learned to make a very mean PB & J sandwich!

The Sandwich Brigade: Jack, Ray, Kelly, Shelly, Peggy, Helen, Ralph Jr, David, Cory, Belinda


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