Montana 1999


These are pictures from our 1999 pilgrimage to Seeley Lake.

Beate drove across the country (2,646 miles) !

Beate Stops at Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

In 1999 Wayne continued his mission of turning Klaus into a real cowboy (see the hernia episode).

He convinced Klaus that a real cowboy carries a gun, so that he can defend himself against grizzlies, mountain lions, or annoying tourists.

Klaus, being a good East Coast liberal, struggled hard, for about five seconds, and then went along with his mentor. He bought the "Mountain Gun," a .44 magnum Smith & Wesson!

Wayne, Klaus, and
Mountain Gun

Wayne shows Klaus the Stance

Wayne, Klaus, and Gun Klaus Tries to Shoot

We Followed Torree to a Horse Show

Kirk, Rena, Beate, and Wayne

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