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Many of these pictures are of Wayne. That's either because he's a ham or, more likely, because Wayne is everywhere at Horseshoe Hills, unless, of course, he's away hunting wild animals ...

Rena and Wayne

Rena and Wayne

Wayne laughing

Wayne laughing

Wayne laughing some more
Wayne laughs a lot. And why not – wouldn't you if you ran a horse ranch in a beautiful mountain valley, and the biggest problem is that you have to drive 20 minutes to get a Cafe Latte ?

Wayne surveying his domain

Wayne pushes Klaus
into buying boots

Wayne surveys his domain

When gets Klaus to buy boots
Wayne explained to Klaus that Klaus wasn't a real cowboy until he had a pair of White's boots. Klaus is totally defenseless against that argument, so he bought a pair. They were very hard to put on, so hard that Klaus ended up with a hernia.

Wayne also got Klaus to buy a huge amount of supplies for the trip into The Bob.

Wayne also convinced Klaus to get a gun, and he taught Beate to drive his truck, and the hay grappler.

Wayne wears the shirt that explains it all

Wayne dressed to kill, 1999

Wayne's T shirt

Wayne's shirt (directly above, left) says: "Doctor, I'd like to have this [head] examined. I just bought another horse."  'nough said !

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