Steve Benedict


We met Steve on our trip into the Bob in 1998. He is, or rather was at the time, a Montana State Senator, the first politician I have hung out with for a while. The old political juices started to flow again.

Steve is now (as of January 1999) retired from politics, the victim of term limits imposed by referendum. It's hard to figure out what's worse for representative democracy: referenda or term limits!

Steve has a number of other endeavors: among them broadcasting and rodeos. He has his own Website.

Steve and Donna's daughter, Tara, visited us in 1999.

The two-party system at work ...

Two party system

Even though Steve has allegedly retired from politics, I decided to take a few campaign pictures, just in case, each aimed at a specific constituency ...
Rancher Poster The Ranchers Poster
Intellectual Poster The Intellectual Poster
Canine Poster Canine Lovers Poster
Go-Getters Poster Go-Getters Poster

Poster One Poster Two Poster Three Poster Four

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