The Bob


One of the ways you can tell a New Yorker from a tourist is that the tourist calls Sixth Avenue "Avenue of the Americas," which is its real name, but no New Yorker would ever say that.

Well, in Montana, if somebody says he's "going into the Bob" and you look puzzled, it's a dead giveaway that you're from someplace else.

"The Bob" is the "Bob Marshall Wilderness," over 1 million acres of land high in the Rockies, completely undisturbed, except for some temporary outfitting camps and the occasional hiker. You're not even allowed to bring a chainsaw (no motor-driven devices of any kind). The Bob is accessible only by foot, and, of course, by horseback. If you're not careful, you can catch a dangerous disease in the Bob, called Bobitis.

Camping out in the Bob is the quintessential Montana experience, and we finally did it in 1998, and every year after that, under the guidance and tutelage of Jack Rich, his family, and wranglers. Check the pictures from our 2001 Packtrip.

Jack was the perfect guide (see At the Trailhead); he knows everything about pack trips, the mountains, wildlife, plants, horses, and he kept everyone in stitches! Jack's sharp sense of humor made Klaus proclaim him an Honorary Berliner – a distinction rarely bestowed.

There are lots of pictures of the trip: Getting Ready, Getting There, Our Wranglers, A Fishing Trip (Beate gets very frustrated!), Camp Life (lotsa action),  Around the Campfire, Top of the Bob, and pictures of Steve Benedict.

How do I describe the Bob? It's a magical place, that won't let you go, long after you're back home. Perhaps some pictures of the views might help.

You can actually see eight mountain ranges, one behind the other!

Incredible View

Jack fishing at one of the many Lakes

Another view of the mountain ranges

Fishing at the Lake More View

The Bob is dotted with small Alpine Lakes

Jack "shows Klaus the Mountains"

Another Lake Jack Shows Klaus the Mountains

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