Woodworth Meadow


Woodworth Meadow is an enchanted mountain valley near Seeley Lake (see pictures below).

 It is populated by some of the most wonderful people in the world.

Heaton Bratwurst Acres, our new Homestead (see bottom of page for our old home in The Meadow.
Heaton The Rich Clan. The family runs the Rich Ranch, one of the great institutions in Montana
Heaton The Heatons. Wayne introduced us to The Riches
The Henrikens The Henrikens. Rob took us on our first day ride into the Bob.
The Henrikens The Sexton's. Mike is President of the shooting range!
The Henrikens The Teagues. Sharon took us on our first real trailride.
The Henrikens The Barnes. Have been in The Meadow the longest.

Evening On Woodworth Meadow

A grand view

Another grand view

Yet another grand view

 Bratwurst Acres (click on the picture)


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