The Rich Clan


The Rich Clan is a family whose branches go back in Montana for many generations. They run the Rich Ranch, one of the great institutions in Montana.

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Helen was the matriarch


Helen (who died in 2006) and her husband CB (who died in 1996) started the outfitting business. He was a legendary figure, an outfitter and a cowboy poet. There is a plaque at the Pyramid Trailhead, in honor of CB.

They had five children, three of them are involved in the Rich Ranch: Jack who is married to Belinda, Peggy who is married to Ralph Cahoon, and MaryAnna. Jack and Peggy's children also live and work at the ranch.

Jack's children are: Sharon, Kelly , and David. Peggy's children are: Heather (married to Justin), Jamie, Ralph Jr., and Cory.

The Rich Clan in 2001 with some associate members at Helen's 80th birthday party


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