The Rich Ranch


It's hard to explain what the Rich Ranch is. On the outside it's a guest ranch and outfitting business (justly reputed as one of the best of its kind) where you can arrange guided horse trips to some of the greatest scenery in the country. Click here to the Rich Ranch's official Website.

If you ever visit, you realize it's also much more: it's a family, that will adopt you, if you let them; it's a way of life, a spiritual connection with horses, the mountains, and nature; it's a place full of laughter and warm hospitality.

If you go there, and especially if you travel on a wilderness trip into The Bob with them, you, too, will fall under their spell.

The Ranch's level of professionalism is extraordinary. Take a look at this page.

Fascinating people work or hang out at the Rich Ranch (besides the family). Most of them now have their own pages.

Bobbi Hall
Besides the people at The Ranch today, many have gone on to other things.
Meredith and Rick Potts
Bill Pieske
Ray Fitzgerald
Jon Keller

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