As Klaus and Bandit were riding through the Danaher Valley in early August of 2000, Klaus suddenly realized that he had been struck by an all-consuming, apparently incurable disease, Bobitis.

When he went back to camp and discussed this condition with his campmates, it became clear that this was, indeed, an illness associated with Seeley Lake, that had never before been accurately diagnosed.

Below you will find the Bobitis Files, some quite tragic, in chronological order.

If you are new to the Bobitis story, read The Bobitis File first.

News Releases

In 2000 when Klaus' "Bobitis Countdown" dropped below 200 days, he issued an important press release. Click here to read 200-day Press Release

Another release went out on Valentine's Day 2001. Click here for the 100-day Press Release.

Just before leaving for Montana in 2001, Klaus almost underwent electro-shock therapy. Click to read the shocking revelations.

Klaus' Count Stuck at 200 Days, Nov. 2002

Mystery of the Stuck Count Revealed, Feb. 2003

Confessions of a BobAnon,  Jan. 2004

Klaus' Bobitis Countdown:  



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