2008 MT Pictures


This is the e-mail Beate wrote when we first arrived, beginning of May:

"We made it across the 2,500 miles and arrived here yesterday afternoon.

The nip of winter is still very much in the air, the snow line at 5000 ft is just above the meadow. I always forget how truly beautiful it is here, and how quiet. No cars, no planes, no people, nothing, I walked across the pasture this morning at sunrise, and could hear nothing but the birds and the creek. Spring is just about to arrive, the trees and shrubs are just now budding out.

Two more days of this tranquil getting settled, and then the horses come back and Keela will go for her first surgery. "



Views of our Ranch, now called "Bar K S", the brand Beate got me for my birthday after much research and surreptitious trips to Helena with Arthur. See the related story about The Kalif Conspiracy.

My New Brand


View of our Ranch in October, looking towards The Bob. (Snow on the Mountains)


Keela and Sonia


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